Special features

Real time booking and reservation management: cancellation or change of date.

Calculation of transfers per Km / Mile: The mileage between any cities is calculated automatically.​

Secure online payment and supports various payment methodes like Paypal, credit card, Skrill, CMI...

Revenue Management: revenue management per room per day, month / 3 months...

Quotation and invoice online and real-time revenue statistics reports.

SEO-friendly, Natural web SEO tools are included. Compatible with search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing...

Help & Documentation

For information about setting and using Go-Car Booking software, We recommend you to view our online guide.

Go-Car Booking Software is delivered with a clear and detailed documentation that will gide you trough the installation and use of the software

By purchasing our software you can benefit of an active support by phone or email, our technical team will assist you during the installation and other technical problems you may be facing while using this software.

In addition to the live demo, you can download and install the software on you website for free, the trial is of one month period that allows you to test and experience all its features.